WAVE Science school 

We created this school for science lovers. We cover different sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, technology, and mathematics.

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We build drones, and learn how to control them.

We love drones. We learn to operate drones. We organize competitions of drones.

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Lego in our school!

We love to collect Lego. The art of building lego is an excellent skill for your child to have. This skill can help your child find a creative occupation.

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OYLA Youth Science (OYLA YS) is the first New Zealand and Australian scientific series of books designed for students, as well as their parents. The focus and content of the books are based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concept. All articles and content are endorsed, prepared and proofread by professors and industry experts.

The main distinctive feature of OYLA Youth Science books is that we explain complex subjects in simple language along with informative graphics which make it easier for young readers.

Contributors are recognized professors, teachers, scientists, industry experts, designers and so on, who have vast experiences and come from a variety of backgrounds. We sincerely believe in the bright future of science and our goal is to popularise science amongst the young generation.


For parents

If your child likes science and wants to spend their free time with friends who love science too, then we invite your child to our science school. Do you want your child to become smarter, more guided in the world around and for them to find a perfect job that fits them right? Then don’t postpone and help your young scientist to understand what he loves. Bring him to our school we won’t disappoint. Also, you can find some information about the science school on our other website.

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