Our Approach

If your kids love science and they want to learn more about Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and much more, then you can call – +64 212602001 (Kirill) and join our WAVE Science club

Find also some information about our online school – Planet of Knowledge (

Our approach includes interesting science and technology activities. We research science secrets, drones, and airplanes, we organize our lessons and perfect them to our best ability. This new creative approach will help your children carry out their free time wisely and find them, new friends!

Our Story

The history of the club has begun in June 2017, when the idea of helping parents and their children to engage further into science came to us. We will teach your children to think about. We bring together those who love science and want to learn about how our world is arranged, and more!

Meet the Coach (Teacher)- Kirill

The Coach and scientific manager of our online school and club. And he’s a fan of science!

Kirill likes new technologies and physics. Kirill independently assembles the equipment (drones, airplanes, cars), he loves to study new topics and is always ready to help and explain the equipment. 

Dear parents, don’t hold back and take this opportunity for your child.

Children are the future, which is exactly why we have created this science school. We want your children to fall in love with science and explore their best abilities. We want them to educate through our program and love every second of it. Feel free to check out our website below.


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